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Young Arts

The Arts Society Truro supports and sponsors a number of young arts projects with local schools and colleges, aimed at providing students and young adults with new exciting opportunities to learn and explore different creative arts.
Young Arts builds a lasting enthusiasm for our local arts and arts heritage and its conservation. Our vision is to enrich the experience of local young adults through creativity in the arts.

The  Arts Society has been working with the RBA ( Royal Society for British Artists) for over 10 years on this annual RBA Star Students competition, which is judged by the RBA and has the aim of encouraging aspiring young artists. The pieces of work are chosen and submitted by The Arts Society's local branches after consultation with the students' art teachers. These students are from schools, 6th form colleges or can be home- schooled but are usually aged 17-18 years which is Year 13. Original work from a whole variety of mediums is eligible.
Twenty pieces of work are selected from around the country to be exhibited in the RBA's exhibition in The Mall Galleries in London. Their work is also shown in The Mall Galleries' exhibition catalogue and online exhibitions. This obviously provides a massive boost to the students' confidence and is also an opportunity to sell their work.

In the past ASTruro has managed to assist many students and with some success stories!

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to see such a variety of work and of a such quality. What talent. And this from students who have had both their education and lives compromised by the pandemic… all at a crucial time in their life journey.

Both Theo Dunford (artwork, left) and Tom Beynon (right) of Truro College had their work selected by the RBA and was exhibited in London in the spring. Congratulations to them both! Orla Eddy's artwork (header image) was also submitted from Truro School.

theo tom


Last month Art & Design students from across all courses, levels and age ranges at Truro College unveiled their work at ‘In View’, the sixteenth annual Art & Design exhibition at Lemon Quay, Truro.
The Arts Society Truro presented 4 awards to outstanding  students on the ‘A’ Level courses in Textiles, 3D Design, Fine Art and Graphic Design.

‘In View’ - Truro College’s Art and Design Exhibition
by Polly Kettlye, The Arts Society Truro Young Arts Representative

“Forever stay inquisitive”, these were the wise words from Sam Bassett (artist in St Ives) who awarded the prizes to the students from Truro College.
Now in its sixteenth year this Art and Design Exhibition has become part of the cultural calendar of Cornwall a justified claim from Mark Dunford, Team Leader for Art & Design.
The Arts Society Truro played a part in the award ceremony thanks to the generosity of its members buying raffle tickets each month.  The money raised from the sale of these tickets funds the monetary awards that are presented to students whose work is represented in the following four categories, Textiles, Fine Art, Graphics and 3D.
Five committee members from The Arts Society Truro visited the exhibition on Tuesday to make their selection from the amazing array of work on display at Lemon Quay.  The originality and diversity of work being exhibited made the task all the more challenging. 
The selected winners:


Orli Duane  A Level Fine Art
This was singled out for the President’s Award from The Arts Society Truro


Georgie Luscombe  A Level Textiles

3d design

Maddie Barrowman  A Level 3D Design
Maddie was also given an award from CAD Architects as well as the Arts Society


Anucha Smyth  A Level Graphics and Illustration


Please click here for further students' work at the 'IN VIEW' exhibition