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Why did George Joy’s ‘The Death of General Gordon’, a painting dismissed by critics and scholars, become one of the iconic images of the British empire

“The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” Self assured, affected and irreverent, the owner of a razor sharp wit, Whistler scandalised London society during the 1870's.

In this talk archaeologist and broadcaster Julian Richards will examine Stonehenge as a piece of prehistoric architecture before exploring it's influence on painters, potters and poets over the centuries.

In 2016 Kate Strasdin was given an unusual volume produced in the mid-19th century. It contained over 2000 swatches of fabric pasted into a marbled album but it had no provenance and no known background. Kate spent the next six years uncovering its secrets, discovering its author and the life that she led.

Oscar Wilde: writer, wit & the first modern celebrity.