Live Lectures Health & Safety

Submitted by Jon Barker on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 20:34

Live Lectures – Health and Safety

We hope a good number of you felt confident enough to attend the first couple of live lectures that we have had for some considerable time and were satisfied with all the carefully considered Health and Safety requirements that needed to be in place. We want members to feel that everything had been done ‘for the greater good’ of everyone present at that meeting.

Our lectures from January to June should now be held in the Mylor building.

The college themselves have stringent cleaning protocols in place to keep their students safe and they have their own Health and Safety Policy.  We are required too to have our own Health and Safety Policy when we are using the college premises to take account of our members needs. 

With this in mind we have come up with the following:

* Windows and doors will be kept open in the Refectory to ensure adequate ventilation.

* In the theatre the air conditioning will be on.  We have found out that ‘This space is ventilated with air handling units, so air is drawn in from outside then conditioned (either heated or cooled), then blown into the space, then extracted to the outside via a different grill.  The air exchange is about 8 to 10 per hour’.

* On entry and during registration we would like face coverings to be worn.  We would also like them to be worn throughout the lecture in the lecture theatre.

* We think that most people will be happy sitting next to others during the lecture as long as face coverings are worn, but for those who might still feel vulnerable we will ensure that the front two or three rows have seating with a space left between each seat.

*  Our tea and coffee will be served in disposable, re-cyclable cups.

* We would expect everyone attending the lecture to have had two Covid19 vaccination jabs plus a booster.

*  Due to the relaxation of Government restrictions we are now no longer asking attendees to have had a Lateral Flow Test on the day of the lecture.